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How to make home made all natural cuticle oil

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How to make home made all natural cuticle oil

When I began painting my nails on a more regular basis, I began oiling my cuticles more to make them softer and nicer looking.

I used a commercial brand that claimed to be 'all natural', but it smelled quite a bit which I don't like. So instead I made my own. 

I came up with this recipe using ingredients from my essential oils - Lavender and Tamanu oil (a carrier oil) and then I added some nail specific oils for their properties: Avocado and Almond. Both really good for your nails.

The Tamanu oil is one of the best oils I have ever owned. It does smell a bit spicy/earthy, but I really like it. I added Lavender which is my favorite essential oil for a bit of sweetness to the flavor. You could easily substitute the Tamanu oil for a fractionated coconut oil or other carrier oil instead if you want a less fragrant cuticle oil.

Here are the ingredients I used to make mine.

Home made cuticle oil

Lavender oil (They have new package design), carrier oil, pure avocado oil, pure sweet almond oil, empty nail polish container with applicator.

Here is how I mixed it.

Home made cuticle oil


Two droppers of Avocado oil

Two droppers of Almond oil

5 drops of lavender oil

Fill up with Tamanu oil

Fill up an empty nail polish bottle with all the ingredients. Close the bottle and shake it to mix the ingredients. Before each use as well. Apply liberally to your cuticles.

Home made cuticle oil

I made one for myself and one for my Mom. I put it in a hand made zippered pouch gift kit that I made for her birthday. I sewed up a lined zippered pouch. You can find the full sewing tutorial here. It is much easier than it looks, so definitely check it out.

Home made cuticle oil

The other things in the kit are: Top coat, polish, base coat, hand made cuticle oil, Natural vitamin E hand creme, buffer block, toe separators, fine grain nail file, glass nail file, corrector brush (I have since found this brush set which has a much better corrector brush), orange stick.

Home made cuticle oil

Home made cuticle oil

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Home made cuticle oil


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